I am Wilderness

IAW 1100x733I am Wilderness is an online project I have created to document the voices, images and stories of our planet’s last truly wild places.

This digital documentary is not about suburban backyard green space or even your local national forest, but about those great expanses of this planet – both on land and in the sea – that remain relatively unaltered by modern humanity. The name is a mantra – I am Wilderness – it means we are all intimately connected and inter-dependent on wilderness. These last truly wild places on Earth give us the air we breath, the water we drink, the genetic resources we depend upon, and provide for the stable climate in which we thrive. Wilderness fuels our creativity and spirituality, feeds our minds and our bodies, and inspires exploration and scientific investigation. And we in turn are a part of this great system that maintains the world. Wilderness is the keeper of our past and the promise of our future.

Please join me on this adventure of discovery, story-telling and awakening to the natural world. Join me in the wilderness.