New Book: Handbook of the Mammals of the World: Sea Mammals

The Mammals of the World: Sea MammalsOcean City, Maryland.  There’s a new edition to the highly acclaimed Lynx Edicions book series on Mammals of the World, and I’m proud to be part of it.

The book Handbook of the Mammals of the World: Sea Mammals is a treatsie on all things mammal in our world ocean.  I had the pleasure of co-authoring the conservation chapter with my great friend Rod Mast, along with an amazing scientist by the name of Nataly Castelblanco-Martinez  (Nataly studies Sirenians, the order of animals that includes manatees and dugongs. How cool is that??).

Here’s how Amazon describes the new volume:

Marine mammals include some of the most fascinating animals on Earth. Large, majestic whales and stunning, playful dolphins have provided mysterious companionship to humans at sea for hundreds of years. These magical creatures, along with the equally fascinating manatees, dugongs, seals, sea lions, and walrusses, have developed a completely different set of adaptations from their terrestrial ancestors and relatives. Volume 4 of the HMW series provides complete accounts of all species and families in these important groups. Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs showing different behaviours of all of them, the text contains the latest up-to-date information on all families of sea mammals.

Get your copy now, and enjoy!

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