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Del Rey Oaks, California.  Boca lives in Melbourne, Florida.  He surfs, rides motorcycles and has a semi-professional career of bailing his friend Arlo out of tight spots.  His first Twitter bio read “I don’t like to talk about myself, I’ll let my actions and friends do that for me.”.  But don’t let that fool you, he has plenty to say.  You don’t get the nickname “Boca”if you’re not a talker.  But much more than a lively conversationalist, Boca is a down to Earth guy who’d do just about anything to help a friend in need.

I first met Boc during my second year of college.  I was out surfing in Palm Beach, the morning after hosting a wild party.  He introduced himself on the beach, telling me he had come to the party and that I should hold another one again that night.  Considering the expense and preparation that had gone into the event, I wanted to punch him in the face.  But instead we became friends. Over the 20 years I’ve known him, we’ve lived amongst Rastafarians in the Caribbean, had Amazonian Indians live with us in Quito, navigated white water rapids in Costa Rica, explored remote tracks of South American rainforest and eaten a lot blue crabs, as both of our families hail from eastern Maryland.

Despite our common love for adventure, we’re actually extremely different as people.  His politics lean about as far right as mine lean left.  He’d hold a Tea Party.  I’d Occupy Wall Street.  We’re an odd pair to be traveling together as we disagree on just about everything newsworthy.  But we’re both also the kind of people not to let silly things like immigration laws and climate change get in the way of perfectly good friendship.  And after all, we do tend to agree on all the simple things in life – food, beer, climbing random mountains…

Adventurer, humanitarian, surfer and all around great guy, Boca is man between two worlds.   Here’s how to connect with  him:

Follow him on Twitter at @Boca_G and or on Facebook.

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  2. You’re crushing it on this blog, dude.

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