Big America with Boca & Arlo

Welcome to the Tweet-pedition!

Grand Canyon

Photo courtesy US National Park Service

On October 14, 2011, two life-long friends – Boca and Arlo – are going to set out on a one-week, cross-country road trip from Monterey, California to Melbourne, Florida, taking in and reporting on America along the way.   It’s a journey that’s been made many times before, perhaps even by you.  But we’re going to tweet, Facebook, blog, “check in” and otherwise digitally document the journey in real time.

Boca & Arlo in Costa Rica

Boca and Arlo at the San Clemente in Dominical, Costa Rica. 1995.

We invite you to come with us, from the breathtaking Pacific coast to the white sand Atlantic shores of Florida.  Journey with us through deserts, canyons, cities, random oddities of Americana and the natural beauty of the North American interior. Follow us, every step of the way, or just drop in and say hello once in awhile.  We’ll have a live Twitter conversation going and are happy to respond to questions and perhaps even take a few requests.

Keep tabs on our Big America trip by using this as a Tweet-pedition homepage and look out for regular blog posts on  We’ll be using the Twitter hashtag #BAExplore on our tweets, so feel free to tune in on and join the conversation.  If this isn’t enough connectivity, feel free to friend request Arlo or Boca on Facebook (at least Arlo will accept all requests and provide regular updates).  They’ll also be regular check-ins on Foursquare and Yelp, and even some reviews on Gogobot if we can find the time!

Thanks for joining us in our trip across Big America and we look forward to experiencing it with  you.


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