Pursuing Happiness. With Less

Marina, California. Everyone hates moving, right?  I sure do.  So, getting prepared for my upcoming cross-country move, I found this TED talk from Graham Hill absolutely inspiring.  Hill, founder of Treehugger.com, reminds us that sometimes the more we have, the less happy we are.  Less can be more, and de-cluttering goes a long way towards reducing stress, improving our carbon footprint and raising our overall GNH (Gross National Happiness).  After hearing Hill’s talk, I’m a little more inspired to “edit ruthlessly”  in terms of what I truly need and don’t need. Thanks Graham. I needed the reminder on what really makes me happy, and it’s not what’s in my closet.  Let’s make room for the good stuff!

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  1. Virginia says:

    I love this! Small is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    We may be witnessing a new revolution, the revolution of the consumer. We also need more corporate brands like Patagonia (not just because I Love the name!), that bravely launched its Common Threads initiative. With the mantra Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Patagonia is saying buy less but buy better! I just love it.


    I have made quite a few moves OVERSEAS (back and forth from Europe and South America) with a packed container, so I know very well that more stuff equals more stress. I love the motto life editing!

    I have to admit that the only thing that my old fashioned self is still not comfy yet with is giving up paper books… I am a nostalgic on that front!

  2. Andrew says:

    Great post Arlo! As someone who buys a lot of stuff, I am beginning to realize that it is TOO MUCH! I don’t need all of this stuff to make me happy, which is something I am trying to teach my kids. Perhaps a great incentive to reduce the amount fo unnecessary stuff in my life (material goods I mean).

    I am currently reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, which is teaching me not to buy so much stuff.

    On a side note: Where are you moving to Arlo?


    • Arlo Hemphill says:

      Right on Andrew! I’ve heard about that book, but haven’t read it. Let me know if it’s worth a look.

      I’m moving to Florida in two weeks, after a road trip across the US!

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