Whale Shark Wow!

Whale shark, Rhincodon typus

Whale shark, Rhincodon typus. Photo: Brian Skerry, National Geographic

Marina, California.  This is probably my first and last post promoting “wallpaper” for your computer.  But in the midst of Shark Week, this image of a whale shark and diver was too compelling to ignore.  National Geographic just released this photo for use as wallpaper as part of their “Life in Color: Blue“. gallery series – which they describe as:

The sweeping color of sea and sky, blue is a common thread in nature, seen in the cerulean of a whale shark (pictured here), the indigo of a stormy night, and the cobalt of a peacock’s feathers. Over the centuries, the hue has come to represent calm, cold, mysticism, and sadness.

The photo was taken by Brian Skerry, one of world’s most talented underwater photographers and a passionate ocean conservationist.

Download your own copy of Brian’s magnificent whale shark on the National Geographic website.


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