Matt is at it again!

Matt and friends dancing in Afghanistan

Matt and friends, dancing in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo courtesy Where the Hell is Matt.

South Yarmouth, Massachusetts.  Although this blog is intended to be about wilderness issues and exploration, along with updates on my work, I sometimes just like to share things that inspire me.  Where the Hell is Matt?  is one such inspiration.  And Matt is at it again.  The kid from Connecticut who has danced his way around the world, has just come out with yet another YouTube video for 2012 – this time featuring elaborate dance scenes with scores of people from around the world.  It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why Matt’s videos cause such a uplifting feeling.  Yet, something about the common thread in humanity that Matt has been able to tap into has been known to bring people to tears.  Sure, it is silly, Matt Harding is the envy of all travelophiles, and he can’t even dance (well).  But he has done something magical.  Again.  Here’s the 2012 video:



And if you’ve never heard of Where the Hell is Matt? – here’s the 2008 video that inspired millions:



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